Justice N. Pandey

Ex-Judge, Patna High Court

Sri Kumar Bimlendu Jee is a well known Astrologer of this State (Bihar). He is a �JYOTISH KOVID� from a recognized institution of Chennai. I have learnt about his merit in Astrology through my close relatives. I am told that predictions made by Sri Bimlendu Jee are up to mark and mostly correct. I hope many people will be benefited, if they require, and contact Sri Bimlendu Jee.
I wish all the best for him

- Justice N. Pandey


JYOTISH MARTANDA Ex-National Vice President & Chairman *Patna Chapter* Indian Council of Astrological Sciences(Regd.) Rtd. Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Patna (Bihar)

Kumar Bimlendu (Jyotish Kovid) has been Additional Secretary of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.), Patna Chapter. He is also a Faculty Member of Teaching Section of ICAS (Patna). He is Jyotish Visharada from ICAS and has been teaching students of this chapter since over Ten years. He is sincere, dedicated and knowledgeable. So far his students of Jyotish Praveena and Jyotish Visharada have fared very well at the examinations held in different years in the past. He has been Writing articles on different aspects of astrology in magazines of Astrology indicating in depth knowledge of the particular aspects.
I wish him success in the field of Astrology.



JYOTISH BHANU Indian Council of Astrological Sciences(Regd.) A.D.M., Bihar Administrative Services (Retd.), Patna (BIHAR) Writer of a good number of Astrological books published from Nishkam Pith Prakashan, New Delhi and Alpha Publication-Delhi-110006

It is a matter of immense pleasure to note that Acharya K. Bimlendu is one of the outstanding well known Astrologer in India with high academic profile being a faculty member at Patna Chapter of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.), Chennai since 2003 and he has also presently been Secretary of the said chapter. His Personality is full of humane virtues and the fellow has been crowned with various Awards of various notable institutions of the country. He has also been a good writer in the field of Astrology and his many articles have also been published in eminent journals. Acharya Bimlendu has also a deep research attitude in the subject of Astrology which he has applied in his practice of Astrologer.
I wish him all success in his life.



Ex-Assistant Director (S P ) the Founder Chief Trainer of S P G ( P.M s Security) Ex-D I G / O S D to the Union Labour and Welfare Minister Ex- Advisor to the Union Minister of Steel, Chemicals and Fertilizers. New Delhi

I Know Acharya K.Bimlendu personally. He is a highly qualified and well-known Astrologer. In my case, all his astrological predictions were hundred percent correct. I also referred my relatives and friends to him, who were disheartened due to their career and other problems, like domestic, etc. Acharya K. Bimlendu suggested astrological remedies to them, which, ultimately, solved all their problems.
I wish him soaring success in his astrological career so that he remains a beacon of hope for all those who face upheavals in their life.


Umesh Chandra

Rtd. Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Patna (BIHAR)

Sri Kumar Bimlendu is a well known Astrologer of Patna(Bihar). He has obtained the degree of Jyotish Visharada from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai. I am also contributing my articles in Times of Astrology, Delhi and other magazines. He has known to me for 10 years. I have found his studies to the science of Astrology up to mark. He has also given his prediction which has come true. A good number of people have been benefitted by his prediction and remedial measures which have been prescribed by him.
All the Best

- Umesh Chandra


JYOTISH KOVID Chapter Chairman Patna Chapter Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.) Chennai

Shri Kumar Bimlendu is sincerely devoted to astrology and other occult sciences. He did Jyotish Visharad from ICAS, patna chapter. He is also a Faculty Member of I.C.A.S., patna chapter since last 10 years. He has research aptitude and always engaged in writing articles in various Astrological Magazines. He has depth knowledge of this science and also devoted to the case of betterment of the society. Ha has received many tittles and awards such as "Vani Bhushan: Kul Daiwagya " & "Rashtriya Jyotish Ratan Award" etc.
I wish him great success in the field of Astrology.


V. Singh


I am writing this note in great appreciation of the guidance and professional help provided by Acharya Bimlenduji. He has been our family guide and mentor for over a decade now and his importance in our family has only grown over the years. He brings in unparalleled professional expertise along with personal concern in his astrological analyses. In our darkest times, we have looked up to him for showing us the right path. His biggest strength is in being able to analyse minute details of a horoscope at hand. He doesn't believe in giving generalized results but provides very personalized analyses and feedback on the problem at hand. It is clear that unlike most astrologers, his knowledge of the subject is not superficial, rather it is based on solid understanding of the astrological sciences. Acharya Bimlenduji has been the prime consultant for matchmaking in my family. We sought his help in horoscope matching for my elder brothers and myself. Based on these matrimony consulting services alone I can say that I am extremely satisfied with his services. I got married this year after a year of serious groom hunting. Owing to special conditions in my horoscope, my requirements for the groom were very specific. I was also location bound after moving to Boston, US for my PhD. Acharya Bimlenduji was very straight forward and blunt in giving his opinion on groom proposals that came our way. He didn't blink an eye in rejecting a proposal if he found that the match was going to be unfavorable even when my parents pressurized him to find a way out (since they were getting impatient). This speaks a lot about the integrity of his character and that he will not bow down to family pressures or get lured by monetary rewards. He always recommends what is best for his client. I found my husband and am happily married for over six months now. I did not have to compromise on my expectations and at the same time was able to get full support from Acharya Bimlenduji. I believed in him and he recommended what was best for me, and so far it has been very positive overall. I highly recommend Acharya Bimlenduji for any personal concerns, matchmaking, horoscope making, career direction, mental stress etc. It doesn't matter if you are based in India or anywhere else in the world. He is very active and responsive online and is happy to work around his client's needs.
All the Best

- V. Singh


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